Migrating Western Rufous Hummingbirds


Western Rufous Hummingbirds embark on an awe-inspiring migratory journey through the Rocky Mountains and adjacent lowlands from May to August, drawn by the flourishing wildflower season. They establish nests in our local region, exhibiting a fierce territoriality as they claim and defend their feeding territories. [...]

Migrating Western Rufous Hummingbirds2023-11-10T22:06:49+00:00

Wildlife Conservation at Mount Robson


In the last blog post, we talked about overall conservation practices in Mount Robson Park, specifically protecting the headwaters of the Fraser River. For this post, we want to continue to the conservation theme by writing about wildlife conservation practices at the park. Nature is not [...]

Wildlife Conservation at Mount Robson2023-11-07T17:01:02+00:00
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