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Jasper Dark Sky Festival 2013 – Look Up!

September 30th, 2013 by

Jasper Dark Sky Festival 2013: Oct 25 - 27

Jasper Dark Sky Festival 2013: Oct 25 – 27

The Jasper Dark Sky Festival may sound a little odd at first but, unless you live in an area similar to ours, you may not realize that there’s a lot more to be seen in the night sky beyond the reflected glow of your city. In Jasper, when you look up at night, you see something amazing: a stunning forest of stars. Jasper is the world’s largest, accessible dark-sky preserve, in fact.

And what, exactly, is a dark-sky preserve?

A dark-sky preserve is an area that is free and *kept* free of artificial light pollution – that hazy glow which pervades the night sky of most inhabited areas and makes astronomy and even simple star-gazing difficult if not down-right impossible.

Now, some might take our incredible night skies for granted but we know that what we’ve got is rare and becoming rarer, so we celebrate it all month long in October and cap it all off near the end of the month with the Jasper Dark Sky Festival!

This year’s Festival is shaping up to be something truly wonderful with a host of fun events, local vendors offering specials, and of course, stars – and in this instance, by “stars” I mean celebrities:

Jay Ingram, of Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet will be here, along with David Levy, one of the most successful comet discoverers in history! Science journalist, and children’s author Peter McMahon will also be on hand, as well as renowned night sky photographer Yuichi Takasaka, and a host of other astronomical luminaries.

We’re offering our own special to coincide with the Jasper Dark Sky Festival:

Star Gazer’s Dream Special

  • 15% off all room rates from $118 (reg $139)
  • Breakfast for two included
  • 6:00 pm check out on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday
  • Free storage for equipment
  • Valid: October 23 – 28

So book now and open your eyes to the wonder of our wonderful night skies!

Jasper Dark Sky Festival 2013

October 25th – 27th
For more details and a full event schedule, please visit: