Mt. Robson

Here in the Canadian Rockies, we are fortunate to experience the beauty of the changing seasons throughout the year. Each offers its own unique experience and opportunities to enjoy them.

SPRING March 20 – June 20
The snow is melting, filling the rushing rivers and creeks. The trees are budding with delicate new growth and the sound of birds fill the air as they pass through on their annual migration up north. Some birds make their home here for the summer, and the Rufus Hummingbird is one of our area’s most entertaining resident. Bears are waking up, hungry after a long sleep, finding delicious spring mushrooms and dandelions to eat. The Berg Lake Trail is usable, the first accessible extensive back-country trail in all the Rockies. Commercial winter activities are closing, and the summer activities begin to operate again.

SUMMER June 21 – Sept 21
The season is in full bloom, an explosion of wild flowers fill the meadows and ditches. Local wildlife feasts on Mother Nature’s bounty, storing energy for the coming winter. New-born babies of all kinds can be seen; fuzzy little bears with protective mama bear, spotted fawns staying close to mother deer as they cross the highway, and baby humming birds buzz around the sugar-water feeders in swarms. The mighty Chinook salmon come back to the waters in which they were born, to complete their life cycle in a dramatic migration 1200 km upstream the Fraser River. Mount Robson Park hosts the headwaters of the powerful Fraser River, which empties into the Pacific Ocean at Vancouver. The salmon swim the length of the river, some stopping sooner than others as they recognize their birthplace. Eagles are a common sight as they feed on this rich protein source. Local tour operators are in full gear, offering visitors to the area an abundance of fun choices, something for every one of all age groups and interests. Popular activities include hiking, white water rafting, horseback riding, guided fishing expeditions, gentle river floats, and 4X4 ATV tours into the backcountry.

FALL Sept 21 – Dec 20
The crisp air is filled with the aroma of autumn. The colors of the trees are changing from a verdant green to rich yellow, red and oranges. Leaves sprinkle the ground and the squirrels scamper through them as they are busy storing pine nuts for winter. Fewer people around at this time offer visitors a quieter experience, a unique opportunity to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. This is perfect hiking weather, with a long sleeved top with vest and pants acting as comfortable attire, neither to hot or cold. With no flying insects to swat at, less people around, and the fall colors, this time of year is a favorite for many. Note, we are open seasonally, mid-May to mid-October.

WINTER Dec 21 – March 19
Snow-laden tree branches bow under the weight of their burden. The ground is white, as far as the eyes can see. The landscape consists of sharp contrasts; the dark green of the pine trees and the stark whiteness of crystallized snow. Many winter days feature blue skies, the mountains dramatically outlined against the azure sky. Mountain Robson gleams bright, the light reflecting off its south face. It hurts to look at it, it is so bright, and one must shield their eyes from the blinding snow glare. The days are mild, and the snow-covered landscape beacons the outdoor enthusiast. Find here some of the best snowmobiling in all of western Canada, with groomed runs to alpine snow bowls and day huts. An opportunity to spend the day mushing a team of dogs as they pull you and your sled across the snow is a childhood dream come true. Ice fishing, heli-skiing, and cross-country skiing are also popular with visitors to the Robson valley. Note, we are open seasonally, mid-May to mid-October, we apologize, we’ll miss you during the winters.