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Bird Watching

February 1st, 2012 by claudia

Bird WatchingBird watching has reached new heights at the Starratt Wildlife Sanctuary.
Get a bird’s eye view from the 30 metre viewing towers overlooking the expansive marsh, home to many species of migratory birds and waterfowl. Created as a protected area in 1985 by the conservation group Ducks Unlimited, is now enjoyed by enthusiastic local and bird watchers from around the world.
An interpretive trail, maintained by a local hiking and trail club, explains the many plants and animals found here, as it winds through and around the marshlands.
To get really up close and personal with the muskrats, beavers, ducks and geese, glide silently through the maze of reeds and channels in a canoe.
A knowledgeable guide will steer you through the marsh and point out hidden nests of goslings, beaver lodges built of sticks and mud, and show you a world unseen by many.

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