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Salmon Migration

January 14th, 2012 by claudia

Truly one of nature’s greatest shows of strength and determination, the annual salmon migration in the mighty Fraser River is a sight to behold. Beginning early August in the Mount Robson area, and lasting for about 4 weeks, this stretch of local water is the end of the salmon migration. It is the longest in the world, and we feel very honored that they come all the way up here. From our lodge 5 minutes by car in either direction are waterfalls. To the west you will find Rearguard waterfalls, and Overlander waterfalls are located east. This is the last stretch of the Fraser River that the salmon are able to navigate. Having already swam upstream for over 1200 kilometers, only the strongest of the strong make it up the Rearguard Falls, only to find that Overlander Falls is not an option. Watch as the determined salmon try time and again to jump up the falls. Without having stopped once to eat or rest, the fish arrive here physically exhausted and abused. They recognize the waters of their birthplace, and return after 7 years to complete their life cycle in a dramatic ending. Finding a mate, the females lay eggs and protect this nest until their last gasping breath. This dance of life and death in the waters of the mighty Fraser River can best be witnessed by joining the salmon in their own environment. An interpretive float trip in a large raft along the quiet waters of the river allow you to see the salmon mating and protecting their nest of precious eggs, dug by her tail fin in a sandy part of the riverbed. Watch golden eagle soar overhead, as they seek out the remains of this rich protein source. Bear also like to feast on the salmon and can be seen on the river banks. An experienced guide will explain how and why the salmon migration happens, and the other animals that benefit from this. Learn about the colorful local history, with its past of fur traders and native Indians that left their mark in the history books.

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