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Mount Robson Marathon

August 24th, 2013 by Katie Pate

The Mount Robson Marathon will is an “out-and-back” run on the world famous Berg Lake Trail. This year’s marathon will take place on Saturday September 7, 2013.There is a full marathon and a half marathon option.

The route passes through several different environmental zones and has its turn-around point on the shores of magnificent Berg Lake, truly making this marathon a one of a kind experience. The route is actually 46 km, or about 4 km longer than a “true” marathon. On the route, you will experience an elevation gain of 825 m (2,700 ft) from the base to the turn-around point.

For non-endurance runners, enjoy a 12km run to Kinney Lake and back. Children aged 5-12 can participate in 3/4 km and 1.5 km fun-runs around the nature trail near the Visitor Centre.

You can register for the marathon online; entry fees range from $25 to $45.

Possibly the best scenery of any marathon!

Possibly the best scenery of any marathon!

In addition to the races, other activities will take place in and around the Visitor Centre throughout the day.

Schedule for Saturday, September 7, 2013:

  • 7:30 am Full Marathon
  • 9:00 am Half Marathon
  • 12:00 pm 12km Kinney Lake
  • 2:00 pm Kids’ Fun Run
  • 3:00 pm Awards Ceremony

About the Berg Lake Trail

The trail begins in a temperate rain forest. Giant western red cedars create a magnificent canopy of old growth forest. It is an easy route through the forest to Kinney lake. Travel is relatively easy across the valley and up some moderate switch backs. It is not until passing the Whitehorn campground that the trail becomes more challenging. From here a large headwall is ascended through the valley of a thousand falls. The trail is well maintained and the views during the ascent are very impressive, especially in late June or after a rain storm. From the top of the headwall the trail follows the shoreline of Berg lake. Travel is again moderate and the magnificent view of Mt. Robson’s north face comes into view.

Lodging for the Mount Robson Marathon

The Berg Lake Trail is literally located minutes from the Mountain River Lodge. We have both independent cabins and a bed and breakfast.


Cycling in Mt. Robson

April 30th, 2013 by Katie Pate

We know some of our guests enjoy cycling. There are several nice places to ride in Mt. Robson Park. Here’s a rundown:

  • Berg Lake Trail – Cycling permitted on the 7 km section from the trail head to the north end of Kinney Lake. A bike rack is located at Kinney Lake. The trail follows the river for most of the way. Note the milky turquoise-blue color of the glacier fed river as it roars down along the trail. Once you arrive at Kinney Lake and if the weather is clear, you will never forget the fantastic view of mountain and glacier reflecting in the calm water. It’s a classic shot of British Columbia beauty.
  • Corridor – Trans Mountain Pipeline offers relatively flat terrain that parallels the highway corridor and is well suited for a family ride or beginners. The pipeline right of way west of Hargreaves Road is private property and is closed to public use.

    The Fraser River

    The Fraser River

  • Robson Meadows – Various cycling opportunities exist in the immediate area. This is a beautiful forested area by the Fraser River. Interesting trails allow you to experience the nature wonder of Mt. Robson. Close to the Visitor Center, store and restaurant.
  • Robson River – Another beautiful forested area by the Robson River. Easy walking distance to the Mount Robson Park’s Visitor Centre and the famous Berg Lake Trail, restaurant and store.

Keep in mind: Pedestrians have the right of way and so do horses, so if you encounter horses on the trail, please dismount and let them pass. Bicycle helmets are mandatory in British Columbia. There are no bicycle rentals available at the park. A company in Jasper, Alberta – called Freewheel Cycle offers bicycle rentals. Don’t approach wildlife, a bell is nice for announcing your presence.

Lodging for Your Mt. Robson Holiday

This summer, choose the closest inn to Mt Robson for great lodging in a stunningly beautiful setting – River Mountain Lodge.


Last Chance to take a Maligne Canyon Ice Walk

March 7th, 2013 by Katie Pate

With Spring just around the corner, the temperature will soon increase and ice will start to melt in places with lower elevations, like Maligne Canyon. This is probably your last month of the season to take an ice walk in this magical place.

With its frozen waterfalls, surreal ice formations and frosted limestone walls, Maligne Canyon is a bewitching place in the winter. It can also be a dangerous place. Several deaths and serious injuries have occurred in and around Maligne Canyon in winter months.

The safest way to visit Maligne canyon is to go with a guide. Several local tour companies offer guided walks. For information contact the Information Center: 780-852-6176 or
If you choose to go on your own, you do so at your own risk and be prepared! Here are some recommendations from the park service:

  • Make sure you have the right gear and clothing, ice cleats are highly recommended
  • Supervise children
  • Visit a local guide or the park information center before you go

    Make sure to check in with the information center before beginning a winter excursion.

    Make sure to check in with the information center before beginning a winter excursion.

  • Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return
  • Bring a headlamp – you never know when you might be delayed
  • Travel at night is not advised

Companies Offering Guided Maligne Canyon Tours

Maligne Adventures: This is Jasper’s most popular winter tour! Explore the entrance to a cave system, ice caves, fossils and towering frozen waterfalls stretching over 30m up the canyon walls. They offer tread enhancing cleats and winter boots to help you stay warm and feel secure while walking on the ice. The trip lasts three hours, with two hours on the trail. Departs Daily at 9:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. & 6:00 p.m. Price: Adults: $55.00; Children: $27.50

Jasper Lodging

At Mountain River Lodge we have stand alone cabins and a bed and breakfast lodge. We would love to be your lodging choice during your visit to Jasper Park in Canada.



A Family-Friendly Vacation Near Jasper National Park

August 16th, 2012 by jenn

Mountain River Lodge

Choose a room at Mountain River Lodge B&B

If you’re looking for a family friendly vacation in the Canadian Rockies, then Mountain River Lodge near Jasper National Park has everything you need. We have just the right accommodations, services and location to all the great outdoor adventures offered by Mount Robson and Jasper National Park.

The Main Lodge bed and breakfast currently has four guest rooms (the fifth is soon to be finished!) All rooms have beautiful views and private baths. Conveniently, all rooms are on the same level so you don’t have to worry about the kids being on another floor and too far away. Your stay comes with a full breakfast served in the guest lounge with a spectacular view of Mount Robson and the Fraser River.

cedar point cabin at Mt Robson

Mt Robson Cedar Point Cabin

Our charming Mount Robson cabins are also perfect for families. Both of our cabins, Cedar Point Cabin and Riverside Cabin, have fully equipped kitchens, dining areas, TVs with satellite and a gas grill for family cookouts. The Riverside Cabin also features an outdoor deck with outstanding mountain and river views. Light housekeeping is provided daily so you can have the vacation feeling that comes from not having to clean up all the time like you do at home. Our pet-friendly lodging in our cabins also mean you don’t have to leave your dog at home!

Valemount is only minutes away so you can stock up on supplies and use any services you might need there. If you don’t want to cook, we also provide suppers. (Again, it’s one of those details to give you that lovely vacation feeling!) Just call ahead for your reservations.

A family hiking trip is just outside your door… the famous Berg Lake Trail is just minute from our lodging near Mount Robson. Other family friendly Jasper National Park area activities include the fun wildlife safari, horseback riding and whitewater rafting. Just ask and we’ll be happy to fill you in on the details and help you plan your excursion. If a family camping trip is also on your agenda, Berg Lake Trail also features a number of camp sites which can be booked at the nearby Mount Robson Visitor Centre. You can have a fun camping experience, but then come back to the Lodge or a cabin for a comfortable transition–showers, a kitchen, and a nice warm bed–before going back home, refreshed and renewed.

You and your family will never forget the fun and wonders of Jasper National Park, Berg Lake Trail and all the other outdoor adventures of our corner of the Canadian Rockies. Inquire about booking your rooms or cabin for your family vacation at Mount Robson today!

Hiking in the Area

February 7th, 2012 by claudia

The Berg lake Trail is located minutes from the Mountain River Lodge, this is one of the classic Rocky Mountain trails. The trail follows the Robson river from the south face to the north face of the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies Mt. Robson. The views are spectacular and the trail ascends through some very unique terrain for the Rockies.

The trail begins in an interior temperate rain forest. Giant western red cedars tower towards the sky in this magnificent old growth forest that appears completely out of place with the rest of the Rockies. With such a massive peak nearby, prevailing air masses are lifted over Robson, condense and rain with the frequency and intensity of a coastal climate. The result is this unique plant community.

It is an easy walk through the forest to Kinney lake. Along the way avalanche paths crossing the trail are rich in blue berries that makes for good bear habitat, and berry picking. One avalanche path down the great coulour on Mt. Robson ran all the way to Kinney lake. The terrain near the lake caused the avalanche to become airborne and many of the great cedars are shattered like toothpicks ten metres above the ground. Today new growth hides most of the old scars and the frightening display of power is all but hidden. ( There is no risk of avalanche activity on the trail in summer.) Past the lake, the trail follows a broad open valley with a braided stream.

Travel is relatively easy across the valley and up a moderate switch back. It is not until passing the Whitehorn campground that the trail becomes more challenging. From here a large headwall is ascended through the valley of a thousand falls. The trail is well maintained and the views during the ascent are very impressive, especially in late June or after a rain storm. From the top of the headwall the trail follows the shoreline of Berg lake. Travel is again moderate and the magnificent view of Mt. Robson’s north face comes into view. From the Berg lake campground there are some good day hikes to explore the area further.

Mount Robson

February 7th, 2012 by claudia

Mt. Robson

View from the our driveway on Highway 16

Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, towers 3,954 metres over the western entrance to the Mount Robson Provincial Park. Whether seen in the winter when snow mantles all but its sheerest sides, or in summer when wispy clouds form a lacy veil silhouetting a tiara of snow at its peak, Mount Robson is one of the most impressive and beautiful sights in British Columbia. Visitors gaze in awe at its massive magnificence much as early explorers, fur traders, trappers and native people must have done a century and more ago.

Columbia Ice fields

January 29th, 2012 by claudia

105 km S. of Jasper/125 km N. of Lake Louise. From the highway the Athabasca and Dome glaciers are visible and there is a fine view of the glacier-draped north face of 3,491 meter Mt. Athabasca. It’s the largest of the chain of ice fields along the Great Divide separating Alberta and British Columbia. This 325 square km accumulation of ice feeds eight large glaciers. Visitors are warned NOT to walk out onto the glacier. Guided tours are available

Golfing Around Mount Robson

January 15th, 2012 by claudia

Several World class golf courses are within one hour from the lodge, such as: Valemount Pines Golf & Country Club, Melsview Links Golf Club, Melsview Links Golf Club, and many more.


January 1st, 2012 by claudia

Drive to Jasper and explore this picturesque alpine town and its many nearby attractions, like the Tramway, Maligne Lake, Miette Hot Springs, Jasper Park Lodge, and much more. Have dinner at one of the local downtown Greek restaurants, or enjoy world-famous Alberta Prime Rib. Some of our guests prefer to return to the lodge for a home-cooked meal, thus avoiding busy restaurants full of tourists.

Registering for a campsite on the Berg Lake Trail

January 1st, 2012 by Trina Packard

Mount Robson Park allows 18% of the campsites on the trail to be pre-booked up to 3 months in advance. The other 78% is held back for 24 hour reservations. This allows for open-access to the campgrounds for many visitors. To pre-book ph: Discover Camping at 1 800 689 9025
If registering 24 hours in advance, sign up at the Mt. Robson Visitor Centre, located only 4 km from Mountain River Lodge to purchase your campsite for
$10/night. No dogs allowed on overnight camping and fires are prohibited so make sure you pack enough fuel canisters for your backpacking stove.